Yuzu Tree 5 Gal

Citrus ichangensis x Citrus reticulata. Yuzu trees, upright up to about 10', are the only citrus trees that can survive temperatures down to about 20 degrees. A necessary ingredient in many Asian dishes, the Yuzu fruit won't win any beauty contests, but its flavor and fragrance have no peer. Yuzu juice is used to make ponzu, the deeply fragrant rind is grated onto many dishes, and the fruit is plopped into a hot bath during the winter solstice. Fruit ripens during the fall/winter and watch out for vicious thorns while harvesting. Grown on dwarfing rootstock in 5 gal containers. As of February 2016, this new crop of trees is about 2' above pot, 1/2" caliper trunk, smaller than photo. These trees are own root and not grafted. Shipped in 3' x 1' x 1' braced box. ONE PER CUSTOMER, PLEASE.

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