Turkey Tail Mushroom Kit

Trametes versicolor. Yet another mushroom with great medicinal value. Known to the Chinese as Yun Zhi, Turkey tails are shelf fungi that are found in temperate climates on hardwood detritus. They're usually made into a tea. The anti-cancer agent PSK is available in abundance in the tea and is stable after ingestion. PSK, a polysaccharide-protein complex, has a fascinating story that includes its 1977 approval as an anti-cancer drug in Japan. It retards the progress of various cancers through increased macrophage activity rather than cytotoxicity, which means PSK has no undesirable side effects. For more information on its value as an adjuvant therapy with chemotherapy agents, read a summary of clinical trials at cancerguide.org. Growing temp: 65-75 degrees F. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.

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