Pomegranate 'Parfianka'

Punica granatum. 'Parfianka' has won the taste tests at numerous California venues over the past few years. No wonder. Another Turkmenistan selection by Dr. Levin, the same inspired botanist who brought us 'Desertnyi,' 'Parfianka' bears at an early age and what fruit it bears! The large globes are almost like a Gravenstein apple, with streaks of amber and dark red. The arils are large, bright red, and contain soft edible seeds. The juice has a perfect balance of sweet and tart. And the plant can be pruned to stay under 8' tall. Ripens in early October and grows well in most areas. Grown in 4" x 9" pots, plants are about 2.5' tall as of April 2019, well branched.

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