Click to enlargeItalian Lemon Tree 5 Gal

Citrus limon 'Genoa.' Italians take their lemons seriously. This Italian lemon cultivar was brought to California from Genoa, Italy over a hundred years ago. A little-known yet cherished lemon for most of that time, gardeners around the U.S. are finally able to grow 'Genoa' and experience its merits for themselves. The fruits ripen throughout the year on vigorous shrubs that are less thorny than 'Villa Franca'. Peel, high in lemon oil, is the base for the most divine limoncello you'll ever sip. Juice is perfect for drinks and marinades. Spreading, lush growth to 8' x 6.' More frost sensitive than Meyer lemon. Benefits from spending summer outdoors. New crop of trees as of September 2016, 2' tall, flower buds forming. Grown on dwarfing rootstock in 5 gal containers. Shipped in 3' x 1' x 1' braced boxes. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK.

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