Chinotto Sour Orange Tree 5 Gal

Citrus myrtifolia. One glance at the Chinotto sour orange will explain the species name. The myrtle-like leaves are unlike any other citrus, as is this variety's ability to dangle ripe fruit from winter through summer. Heavy bearing, thornless, glossy dense foliage and a slow growth rate produce a top-notch specimen for favored terraces. Whole fruit are crystallized and also used to flavor Amaro and Campari. As of June 2017, plants are about 2.5' tall and showing their upright growth pattern, much fuller than photo, lots of maturing fruit, prime condition. Grown on dwarfing rootstock in 5 gallon containers. Shipped in 3' x 1' x 1' braced boxes. OUT OF STOCK.

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