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Buddha's Hand Citron Tree 5 Gal

Citrus medica var. sarcodactylus. Buddha's Hand citron is a really fun plant to grow. The long and shiny leaves, with tiny serrations, have a rumpled but distinguished air, with a beautiful purple flush on new growth (and young fruit). The tree is shrubby and open in growth, to about 6' tall. Grow outdoors during warm weather and bring indoors during winter months because citrons can't take freezing temperatures. The crowning glory is the winter fruit, which really does look like the hands of Buddha posed just so in Tang Dynasty statues. Fruit has no pulp or juice--its claim to fame is its peel, which is loaded with fragrant oils. The pith, unlike other citrus, is not bitter, so no worries about separating it from the peel. Considered the most propitious of fruit in many Asian cultures. Showcase a Buddha's Hand on your dining room table and your entire house will fill with a clean citrus fragrance overlaid with jasmine. Use the peel to make candied citron, zest it onto fish or salads or citrus curds, or flavor alcohol with it. If you don't want to make your own, then buy some Buddha's Hand vodka from the Bay Area distiller Hangar One. Plants are grafted onto dwarfing rootstock. As of May 2017, trees are about 3' above soil line in 5 gal containers, 1/2" trunk, a few flower buds. Growth is not full or bushy at the moment. Shipped in 4' x 1' x 1' boxes with wooden bracing. OUT OF STOCK.

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