Ascolano Olive Tree 4" x 6" pot

A vigorous and upright grower with slightly twisted and substantive green leaves, Ascolano is prized for the huge size and delicate taste of its olives. Since you can't get something for nothing, the downside is that Ascolano olives bruise easily and then you can't cure them. So harvest carefully. Fruit set is also fairly low. Doesn't turn black when ripe. Also used to produce a light and delicate oil. Ascolano is the most cold hardy of the Tuscan cultivars. Partially self-fertile, but you'll get more drupes using pollenizers Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino or Manzanillo. Trees are about 3' tall, larger than photo as of October 2017. Grown in 4" x 6" pots.

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